girl with headphones in front of book and computer that reads remote learning

Whether your child is in-person learning with remote learning in the afternoons or participating in fully remote learning, we need you, the parent, as a partner! These are unprecedented times in education and now more than ever parents and teachers need to work together to support the students. Helpful Tips:

  • Establish routines and expectations. Where is your child participating in remote learning? Do they have a designated area? What are the expectations for remote learning in your home?
  • Stay in touch. Two-way communication between teacher and parent (or students, if developmentally appropriate) is a key to successful learning. If you have a question, reach out. Don't wait! We are in this together!
  • Help your child with their own learning. Remember, struggle is an important part of the learning process. It is okay to help your child, but have they tried to problem-solve on their own first? Create opportunities for independence and growth.
  • Begin and end the day by checking in with your child. Do they know what the plan is for the day? Did they have unanswered questions? Overall, how was the day? This is a great opportunity to teach our students about reflection. Reflection is an opportunity for growth. Ultimately, we want all our students to have a Growth Mindset as part of their core.
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise! Sitting in front of a screen is not "normal". Help your child find balance. Take a walk together. Enjoy nature and get some fresh air! Take a break from the screens!