3 people holding a check to Center Cass District 66 for a gift to district from TEAM 66 Education Foundation

The TEAM 66 Education Foundation benefits Center Cass School District 66 by providing funds for educational programs and activities, which are not funded by the normal operating budget. These funds are used to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and encourage staff excellence, and to expand community involvement from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations. Money raised through various fundraising efforts will help fund innovative teaching grants that will provide resources directly to the classroom for teachers to implement exciting new educational programs. To learn more about TEAM 66, or see all the ways in which you can support the foundation, click here.

2020 TEAM 66 Grants Awarded:

Community Garden: Elizabeth Ide (Janet Schultz)
Funding the first year butterfly garden to enhance the current K-2 curriculum through a more hands-on approach. Students will receive practical, reality-based learning, by connecting lessons and activities to the natural world. This will also expose students to opportunities for hands-on environmental learning, inquiry, observation, and experimentation.

Supplemental Curriculum: 1st Grade, Elizabeth Ide (Ali Beseth)
Funding decodable texts and number racks to help the 1st graders apply their phonetic skills and provide hands-on manipulatives to develop their number sense.

Focus on Photography: Lakeview (Magen Newman)
Funding 12 Canon digital camera kits giving the Lakeview students the opportunity to explore digital art through encore rotations. Students will learn art elements and principles of photography and composing well thought out photographs. They will refine their photography skills through a focus on composition and light, practice various genres of photography such as portraiture and photojournalism.