4th Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Olsen jolsen@ccsd66.org
Mr. Steve Mandru smandru@ccsd66.org
Mr. Jeff Trinco jtrinco@ccsd66.org
Mrs. Tracy Spakausky tspakausky@ccsd66.org
Mrs. Colleen Nino cnino@ccsd66.org
Ms. Jessica Rost jrost@ccsd66.org
Ms. Theresa Strong tstrong@ccsd66.org
Ms. Marissa Mathias mmathias@ccsd66.org

The 4th Grade provides many new opportunities for students. Students will become more independent in organizing, studying, and completing assignments. Students will be entrusted with greater responsibilities. Since the 4th Grade program stresses these important opportunities for students, we hope that they ask questions and voice concerns directly to their teachers. We welcome open communication between the students and ourselves. Also, we value the support of parents/guardians. Please contact us with questions, concerns, or positive comments about the school year.

The teachers on the 4th Grade Team
hope to create fun-filled learning
experiences for the students.